We have been in the residential property management business for more than 30 years. Unlike many property management companies, Apex Management owns the properties it manages and does not provide third-party management services. This exclusive “owner in the store” approach, combined with a superior management and maintenance staff, results in a management company that cares deeply about the quality of its properties and is more attentive to the needs of renters.

We continually invest in our properties to maintain that quality – recent improvements for many properties include state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems, new windows and doors, and new roofing, insulation and siding. Reinvesting in our properties keeps them looking fresh and also ensures our apartments and townhouses are as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

We believe that providing superior service requires a dedicated, in-house management and maintenance staff. Our property managers are available during regular business hours to assist renters with their needs and questions, and our maintenance staff provides responsive service including 24-hour on-call emergency repairs.

If our philosophy is appealing to you, we’d love to help you find your next rental home. Please call or email us to set up an appointment to see available apartments.



Apex Management entered the residential property management business in 1992 with a mission to provide quality rental properties that are well maintained and cared for by a staff that provides an uncommonly high level of customer service. Over the years we have added to our offerings, acquiring new properties, and continually upgrading their comfort, energy efficiency, and visual appeal.

We’re here for the long term and will continue to strive to be the most reliable and attentive property management company in southern Maine.